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Hello, welcome to NLP3o!

NLP3o is your advanced Natural Language Processor

This is a suite of one-task tools working with text data.
These simple tools are for educational purpose

Input text

You can enter your text here:

Or you can use a sample text from these books:

Moby Dick by H. Melville
L'aeroplano del Papa by F.T. Marinetti
Das Urteil by F. Kafka
None. User text - Language: English German Italian


ignore case [What is this?]


ignore case

By checking this box, it will change all capital letters into lower-case.

In this way words like "book" and "Book" will be considered the same.

ignore stopwords (articles, conjunctions, ...) [What is this?]


ignore stopwords

By checking this box, it will ignore all stopwords in the text.

Stop words are those common words that do not contribute much to the content or meaning of a document (e.g., for English language these could be “the”, “a”, “is”, “to”, etc.).

Bare Metal   NLTK [What is this?]

Bare metal or NLTK?

NLTK (Natural Language toolkit) is a Python library for processing human languages data.

The switch will analyse the text either using the NLTK package or its own functions written from scratch. See this post for details.

Tools available